The human is a story. As for all companies, our culture and the way we work is a result of the people in the company and their story.

We exist to build our clients’ businesses

The founder of Berghco, Jonas Bergh, has been a partner in Lagerlöf & Leman and Ashurst, two large Swedish and international law firms with offices in different countries.

He has also lived and worked abroad and throughout his career assisted clients from different countries.

Jonas’ great passion is to always arrange the best for both client companies and the people we work with. This applies to owners and employees in client companies and this applies to the employees with us.

We do not just want to say what can be done. We would like to give advice on the best way forward.

We therefore say that we exist to build our clients’ business.

Passion och drive

The passion to arrange the best has been the driving force that Jonas as an entrepreneur started several law firms to create a better legal service for companies and people.

At Berghco Business, we help companies. But we have also for many years helped people who have assets.

In Berghco Advisory, we focus on legal issues about their companies, other assets but also on their family law issues.

To summarize our story, one can therefore say it grew out of expanded international views and a passion to help people with good law and wise advice by thinking new. Our vision is to help even more companies and people through exciting new employees, partners and ideas.

Cooperation, commitment and senior experience

We want to solve your problems both in everyday life and in major issues. Through cooperation, a committed team and senior experience, we build your business easily and safely.

Our assignments have included M&A transactions of varying size and structure in different countries; mergers, acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures and listings on stock exchanges.

We are responsible for Swedish and international arbitration proceedings and court proceedings. We have also been responsible for law within companies – from smaller Swedish companies to billion-dollar groups where we have taken Nordic responsibility.

For us humans, it is our values that determine how we behave and work. We have chosen to express our values in three values - commitment, security and simplicity.


We collaborate with people within companies and organizations. Our goal is to be an integral part of their everyday lives and business – a part that contributes to increased profitability and reduced risks. And if we can also contribute to a laugh sometimes it feels extra good.

We also want to contribute to a better society, both within and outside Sweden. We are extra proud to be pro bono partners to the World Childhood Foundation where we assist with contract review and other legal issues.


A saved crown is a crown on the bottom line – a earned krona is 10% on the bottom line. This is an old saying – probably something worth thinking about.

Our task is to eliminate risks and thereby save money. Increased profitability is one part of our offering, increased security the other.

If we can not completely eliminate the risks, we will discuss with you how we can best manage them.


For us, simplicity is two things:

1. That what we write and what we say is easy to understand.

2. For every thing we do, we ask ourselves the question – can this thing be made simpler and / or cheaper with the same good results?

It’s so simple!

"As you sow, shall you reap"

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