Angelica Ewö Reimer new head of Advisory

Angelica Ewö Reimer has been with us since 16 November as the new head of the Advisory business area. With her extensive experience in family law and change of ownership, Angelica will be an important addition to being able to offer our owner-managed companies even broader advice.

Angelica has worked as a lawyer for just over 20 years and has very extensive and broad experience of civil law advice to primarily large and medium-sized owner-managed companies, including its owners / families. Angelica’s way of working is unique as she can offer both family legal and business legal advice at the same time. This combination of experience has proved particularly appreciated and has led to several major and long-term assignments.

Over the years, Angelica has worked extensively with various corporate transactions, but is particularly passionate about family law and ownership changes. As many Swedish companies are currently facing a change of ownership, Angelica has, for the past two years in particular, devoted itself almost exclusively to this type of advice.

She has helped the company / owners / families from A to Z in these often difficult issues, such as how to handle active versus passive owners and how children who do not take over the company should be compensated in the best way based on a sense of justice.

In 2010, Angelica was commissioned to nationally build and lead PwC’s legal operations, PwC Legal. An assignment that lasted until 2019 when the group comprising just over 30 lawyers was placed throughout Sweden.

Angelica has its customer base primarily in Stockholm but also in Skåne, Halmstad, Kalmar and Växjö. She is an esteemed speaker and has during her years as a lawyer given a variety of lectures and trainings, for example at the Board Academy, Entrepreneurs and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

During her first four years as a lawyer, Angelica worked at the Swedish Tax Agency and was, among other things, chairman of the Tax Board and litigator. In addition, almost 16 years at the auditing firm PwC.

In this way, Angelica has gained a very good foundation and understanding of various tax law issues and knows when a tax lawyer needs to be involved in an assignment to get the whole picture.

Read more about the Advisory business area for which Angelica is responsible.

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