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Business is one of our business areas where we have expertise in all business areas of business law – but we have chosen to specialize specifically in transactions, disputes and outsourced law.

Transactions of companies and real estate

Transactions are an important part of economic development in society – companies, properties and operations are sold, bought, listed on the stock exchange, financed, shared and merged. A transaction is a process with a beginning and an end. Like all processes, the transaction can go more or less easily and give more or less the result you intended. In a transaction, you must have control over various issues – tax, environment, stock exchange issues, competition issues, etc. You must also have good project management that provides a cost-effective process where different people collaborate – for example management, accountants, tax specialists. We gladly take the responsibility to lead the process.

  • A listed company’s purchase of other companies against payment in the form of the listed company’s shares
  • A family sale of an industrial company
  • A real estate company’s acquisition of real estate
  • A private equity fund purchase of companies
  • A foundation’s sale of a company

Disputes and investigations

We have extensive experience of disputes and investigations, both of the smaller type and those that attract media attention. We provide advice on external communication We have extensive experience in disputes and investigations, including those that attract media attention. We assist the board and company management on how to act in a dispute or in a crisis situation. Some disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiations alone. We make a strategic assessment and risk analysis. Then the customer decides how we should proceed.

  • Investigation of irregularities in both listed companies and private companies
  • Disputes about defects in sold companies and properties
  • Disputes over public procurement
  • Disputes over competition issues

Outsourced law for companies and organizations

Berghco is today responsible for the legal issues for many companies – from smaller companies to billion-dollar groups.

We want to take responsibility for the company’s legal problems both in everyday life and in major issues such as transactions and disputes.

We believe that all companies should have a legal quality level – ie a minimum level of good agreements and instructions for the business.

Some examples:

  • Purchasing and sales agreements must contain good specifications of what is to be delivered and protective provisions for termination and damages. The correct standard agreement must also be attached.
  • The consultant and employment contract must contain the correct provisions on intellectual property rights and competition.
  • The company must have policies against corruption and competition offenses as well as a whistleblower system.

In these three areas, we take a holistic approach. We take responsibility for the whole and that relevant legal issues are captured. To the extent necessary, we settle questions with tax consultants, lawyers, accountants and other lawyers outside Berghco. We have a large network and thus contacts with other law firms and audit firms in Sweden and in other countries.

"As you sow, shall you reap"

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