Family law and the pandemic

Do you know the risks of not having all the family law documents in place in case you should become ill or pass away?

During this very strange year, we have all been affected in different ways or will be affected by the pandemic we are in. Reviewing your family law documents such as wills and prenuptial agreements is certainly always important to do, but it feels extra important right now.

Because what really happens to your company, your family and yourself if the worst should happen?

Do you know that it is now possible to issue so-called future powers of attorney? This means that you can appoint one or more people you trust in advance. If you become ill and are unable to represent yourself, these people will take your place and represent you. If no future power of attorney is issued, there is a great risk that an outside good man will be appointed. Unfortunately, this can be a big problem for both your business and your family.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your specific situation. Everyone is different and has different conditions, but we make sure that you get the best possible solution for your company, your family and yourself!

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