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We are a team of lawyers and assistants who have worked together for a long time. We have senior project managers and talented younger lawyers. We speak Swedish, English, French and German.


Jonas Bergh

CEO & Responsible for Business

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Jonas Bergh has long and broad experience of transactions and outsourced business law in Sweden and internationally.


Jonas has been a partner in one of Sweden's largest law firms (Lagerlöf & Leman - today Linklaters) and founded and run his own law firm. He has also worked internationally in Brussels and as a partner in one of England's largest law firms (Ashurst).


Alongside law, Jonas has for many years been a board member and chairman of listed and unlisted companies. He is also often an advisor to boards and shareholders. He is also chairman of a listed company's nomination committee.

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  • A shareholder's sale of shares in Hemnet Sverige AB with a total transaction value of SEK 2 billion.
  • The state in a privatization.
  • Sale of insurance companies with a purchase price of SEK 5 billion.
  • Sale of 390 properties with a total purchase price of approximately SEK 5 billion
  • A phase 2 trial in the European Commission of a merger of two Finnish companies with a transaction value of SEK 5 billion.
  • Several transactions for several of Sweden's largest private equity companies, one of which has a transaction value of more than SEK 30 billion
  • HQ AB and HQ Bank AB regarding capital injections and the sale of the bank to Carnegie
  • Five different corporate bonds of a listed company, with a total transaction value of SEK 2.5 billion.
  • New issue of ordinary shares and preference shares for listed companies, with a total transaction value of SEK 600–800 million.
  • Sale of family- and foundation-owned company to private equity buyers, with an acquisition value of approximately SEK 2 billion.
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  • HQ AB and HQ Bank AB regarding investigation by Finansinspektionen.
  • Investigation and dispute due to irregularities in Eniro AB 2015/2016.
  • Investigations into irregularities in a large service company.
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  • For about 20 years responsible for the law for a corporate group with German owners, with a turnover of about 6 - 10 billion kronor.
  • For about 20 years responsible for the law for a corporate group with German owners, with a turnover of about 2 billion.
  • For about 16 years responsible for the law for a corporate group with American owners, with a turnover of about 1 billion crowns.
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  • Chairman of the Board & partner, Berghco Advokatbyrå AB, 2010-ongoing
  • Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Clas Ohlson AB, 2015–2020
  • Board member, Arvid Nordquist AB, 2008–2018
  • Board member, Svenskt Gårdsvilt AB, 2017-ongoing
  • Board member, Livio AB, 2012–2020
  • Chairman of the Board, Linné Kapitalförvaltning AB, 2011 ongoing
  • Chairman of the Board, Family Foundation, 2005-ongoing
  • Board member, Speed ​​identity AB, 2014-ongoing
  • Chairman of the Board, Varpsund Home of Shooting AB, 2014 ongoing
  • Chairman of the Board, Josab International AB, 2012-2014
  • Chairman of the Board, Siemens AB, 2008–2013
  • Partner & Advokat, Ashurst Ltd (London) and Ashurst Advokatbyrå AB, 2007-2009
  • Chairman of the Board, Swedish UMTS Nät AB, 2006–2009
  • Founder, Partner & Lawyer, AJB Bergh Advokatbyrå AB, 1999–2006
  • Partner & Advokat, Lagerlöf & Leman Advokatbyrå AB, 1985–1999
  • Partner, Boden, de Bandt, De Brauw, Jeantet, Lagerlöf & Uria (Brussels), 1994–1997
  • District Notary Nyköping District Court and Court of Appeal, Svea Court of Appeal, 1981–1985
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  • Art History 60p (Stockholm University, 2018)
  • Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration (Uppsala University, 1976)
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  • Swedish
  • English
  • French
  • German
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  • Chairman of the Board, Linné Kapital Förvaltning AB
  • Chairman of the Board, a family foundation
  • Chairman of the Board, Varpsund Home of Shooting AB
  • Board member, Svenskt Gårdsvilt AB

Angelica Ewö Reimer

Responsible of Advisory

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Angelica has worked as a lawyer for over 20 years and has very extensive and broad experience of civil law advice to primarily large and medium-sized owner-managed companies, including its owners/families. Angelica's way of working is unique as she can offer both family legal and business legal advice at the same time. This combination of experience has proved particularly appreciated and has led to several major and long-term assignments.


Over the years, Angelica has worked extensively with various corporate transactions, but is particularly passionate about family law and ownership changes. As many Swedish companies are currently facing a change of ownership, Angelica has, for the past two years in particular, devoted itself almost exclusively to this type of advice.


She has helped the company/owners/families from A to Z in these often difficult issues, such as how to handle active versus passive owners and how children who do not take over the company should be compensated in the best way based on a sense of justice.

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In 2010, Angelica was commissioned to nationally build and lead PwC's legal operations, PwC Legal. An assignment that lasted until 2019 when the group comprising just over 30 lawyers was placed throughout Sweden

Angelica has its customer base primarily in Stockholm but also in Skåne, Halmstad, Kalmar and Växjö.

Angelica is an esteemed speaker and has during her years as a lawyer given a variety of lectures and educations, for example at the Board Academy, Entrepreneurs and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

During her first four years as a lawyer, Angelica worked at the Swedish Tax Agency and was, among other things, chairman of the Tax Board and litigator. In addition, almost 16 years at the auditing firm PwC. In this way, Angelica has gained a very good foundation and understanding of various tax law issues and knows when a tax lawyer needs to be involved in an assignment to get the whole picture.

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  • Board Member, Entreprenör Invest Sverige AB 2021–ongoing
  • Responsible of Advisory, Berghco Advokatbyrå 2020 – ongoing
  • Partner, PwC Sweden 2012–2020
  • Leader, for PwC Legal 2010–2019
  • Lawyer, PwC Sweden 2005–2020
  • Lawyer, Swedish Tax Agency 2000–2004
Education accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • MSc in Economics, Linnaeus University 1999
  • Jur. bachelor, Lund University 1998
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  • Swedish
  • English
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  • StyrelseAkademien 


Cecilia Lind


Erik Åhlander


Carolina Ljungberg


Ebba Nakell

Legal assistant

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